List of products by brand Laneige

Laneige is a South Korean cosmetics brand owned by Amore Pacific specialising in skin care products. It is an international skincare brand that provides with a sustainable water-supplied technique, the Advanced Water Science.

Laneige was born as a brand committed to help women achieve clear, radiant skin like snow.

Laneige pursues sparkling beauty beyond clear, radiant, and glowing skin, the brand also seeks to unleash that dazzling charm within you.

Laneige's definition of beauty has evolved to allow you to flaunt your beauty with even greater confidence, to allow that dazzling charm of yours to shine through even brighter than before.

Laneige’s Water possesses outstanding capability. Transforming water, the source of life, into dynamic moisture energy — Laneige is the key to clear, supple skin.

Laneige developed its own exclusive technology, The Advanced Water Science, to help bold and confident young women get naturally hydrated, supple skin anytime, anywhere with the power of water, the brand presents to you the gift of clear, radiant skin.